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> + *      NOTE:  That is no longer true with the addition of VLAN tags.  Not
> + * sure which should go first, but I bet it won't make much
> + * difference if we are running VLANs. The good news is that

It makes a lot of difference tha the vlan goes 2nd. Most sane people wont
have vlans active on a high load interface.

> strcpy(dev->name, buf);
> return i;
> }
> }
> - return -ENFILE; /* Over 100 of the things .. bail out! */
> + return -ENFILE; /* Over 8192 of the things .. bail out! */

So fix the algorithm. You want the list sorted at this point, or to generate
a bitmap of free/used entries and scan the list then scan the map

Question: How do devices with hardware vlan support fit into your model ?


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