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Subject[PATCH] Fix typo in drivers/video/amifb.c in 2.4.0
This fixes a comment at the end of an #endif.  This should fix all of 
the warnings about tokens at the end of #endifs. Please disregard
the parts of my earlier patch which made changes to comments
and .S files. I should have reviewed the patch the script made
more closely.

diff -urN -X dontdiff linux/drivers/video/amifb.c rb/drivers/video/amifb.c
--- linux/drivers/video/amifb.c Fri Dec 29 17:07:23 2000
+++ rb/drivers/video/amifb.c Sun Jan 7 13:33:28 2001
@@ -1534,7 +1534,7 @@
return i;
-#endif */ DEBUG */
+#endif /* DEBUG */
return -EINVAL;
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