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SubjectRe: 2.2.18 and Maxtor 96147H6 (61 GB)
On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 12:34:11AM +0200, Eric Lammerts wrote:
> I had the same problem with my 80Gb Maxtor. (Asus P2L97, works with
> 60Gb but hangs with 80Gb :-/) After clipping the drive with ibmsetmax
> (
> and removing the jumper, unclipping worked fine (kernel is 2.2.18+ide).
> Andre: can you add unclipping support to 2.4 too?

I emailed a patch for 2.4.0-test13-pre5 some time
ago, has been working fine here ever since.

Perl this: sub fibo() {my ($a,$b)=(1,0);sub{my $o=$a;$a=$b;$b=$o+$a;$b}}
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