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SubjectRe: Related VIA PCI crazyness?

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Albert Cranford wrote:
> > Could anybody with a VIA chip who has the energy please do something for
> > me:
> > - enable DEBUG in arch/i386/kernel/pci-i386.h
> > - do a "/sbin/lspci -xxvvv" on the interrupt routing chip (it's the
> > "ISA bridge" chip - the VIA numbers are 82c586, 82c596, the PCI
> > numbers for them are 1106:0586 and 1106:0596, I think)
> > - do a cat /proc/pci
> >
> Does this help.

Ahh, no.

A SMP kernel (or one with UP IO-APIC) is not going to be helpful for this,
actually. SMP will take the irq data from the MP block, not the pirq table
(that can be considered something of a misfeature right now, but getting
the mixture of PCI irq redirection from the MP tables and the pirq irq
routing information right together is probably not worth it - especially
as I don't think any MS OS has ever done that either, so the BIOS writers
have never experienced that combination - so it's almost guaranteed to
result in strange results).


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