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SubjectRE: Which kernel fixes the VM issues?
> > This issue is fixed in 2.2.18 AFAIK (never seen it since).
> Nope.
> It's fixed 2.2.19pre2 (which includes the Andrea Arcangeli's vm-global-7
> patch that (among other things) fixes this.)

I stand corrected. Still, with almost-vanilla 2.2.18 (+ ow patches) on a
highly loaded webserver has not shown any "LRU block list corruption"
crashes in over 6 weeks, even when it usually died after a week on 2.2.17
with the same error (if memory serves me right). Could be the system tuning
that has "fixed" this by making the usual load not - err - load the server
as much as before.

> You can also apply the vm-global-patch to 2.2.18 if you like.

Yep, as stated in my previous mail :-)

Ah well, time to go pack for military service (1 year, bleh).


Andre? Alfred.

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