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Subject[PATCH *] 2.4.0 VM improvements

I posted a patch for the 2.4.0 VM subsystem today which
includes the following things:

- implement RSS ulimit enforcement
- make the page aging strategy sysctl tunable
(no aging, exponential decay, linear decay)
- don't use the page age in try_to_swap_out(), since that
function doesn't do much anyway and it saves CPU time
(saves kswapd CPU use, but uses more swap space)
- update Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt
- simplify do_try_to_free_pages() a bit
(no behavioural changes in the system seen)

I guess at least the documentation updates should make it into
2.4.1, the rest is rather simple and is working stable but is
not _that_ important, IMHO (so lets wait until Linus' bugfix-only
version is over and 2.4 is stable _and_ tested).

Since I'll be travelling to Australia on tuesday morning, I'll
not split this out into other things but will be porting the fair
scheduler tomorrow ... that patch will also be available on my

The patch is available at this URL:


Virtual memory is like a game you can't win;
However, without VM there's truly nothing to loose...

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