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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: .br blacklisted ?
On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 07:27:45PM -0500, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 06:16:15PM -0500, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> > 99% of mine is from China (either *.cn or or some other
> > numbering .com or .net. The .org is frowned upon in China - the TLD of
> > protestors and disidents). Half of what's left comes from either .kr
> > or .br. I'm fully in favor of an Internet Death Penalty against those
> > TLD's and associated domains till they clean up their acts.

> Yea!
> Next we'll take care of those subversive linux bastards that clog up our big
> pipes with their communist kernel downloads!

> Unsolicited commercial email is a problem. However, many of the 'solutions'
> are worse. Search for teergrube for a less subvertible aid.

I already run several sugarplum sites with teergrubes. I also use
various blackhole lists and take other action against spammers, including
blocking entire rogue domains. If that rogue domain happens to be a two
letter TLD, so be it. If it gets bad enough, maybe they'll fix it.

> You can pile on technological 'fixes' as much as you want, but no
> technological measure that does not totally oppress free use of the Internet
> will be affective. Education is the only solution, spam will continue as
> long as it is profitable.

Actually, the most fun with the Chinese is to take advantage
of their "four horsemen of the Infocalypse". Ours (in the US and many
other western countries) is "Drug Dealing", "Money Laundering",
"Pedophiles", and "Terrorists". In China it's "Taiwan", "Tibet",
"Dissidents", and "Pornography".

In discussing the Spam problem with some Chinese officials in
Beijing back in June of last year, they were really ho hum about the
whole thing till I mentioned that a lot of the spam being relayed out
of the Phillipeans through Chinese sites was promoting pornography.
That got some people sitting up real tight. They didn't care that
their pipeline in and out of China was oversubscribed by an order
of magnitude and spammers were clogging it with trash, but they
damn well did care if that trash had anything to do with pornography.

I've heard some people suggest that they mail message back to
spam sites in China thanking them for their mail and including some
propaganda on Taiwan or Tibet. Maybe some Falun Gong literature would
be nice...

Attack a social problem by turning another social problem loose... :-)

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