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SubjectBug in 2.2 kernels (mysterious hangs after freeing unused memory)

I have found something weird in kernel 2.2.17.
After installation on the Pentium PRO equipped machine,
I have moved hard disk to another one, but equipped
with AMD-K5 and after encountering problems I moved again
this disk to machine equipped with Intel Pentium MMX.

On all machines except Pentium PRO boot process was stopping
after freeing unused kernel memory.

I've made some steps (incl. simple kernel source modification)
to find why. It was mysterious for me why even "init=/bin/bash"
option doesn't help.
I have found that read_exec is done three times at start on good machine,
and only once on bad. This inspired me to issue "init=/sbin/sash" to
kernel. And bingo !. System was booted.
Next - each try to start something using shared libraries was fault.
Problem was: signal 4 due to glibc was compiled for i686 (f...d RH7,
automated like windows)

My conclusion is: kernel doesnt handle situations when "init" process

I was'nt tested this on 2.4 series kernel.

Nie ma zlecen niemozliwych do zrealizowania. Sa tylko trudne, bardzo trudne
i takie za ktore klient nie bedzie w stanie zaplacic.

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