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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Linux Hotplug Developers Mailing List Created
Hi all,

With the release of the 2.4.0 kernel, there was a bit of confusion over
a last minute patch that made it in, which effected the modutils program
and the USB drivers hotplug ability. Realizing that this problem
shouldn't have happened with better communication between developers of
different parts of the kernel, and the fact that Linux hotplug
properties effect many different parts of the kernel, we have created a
new mailing list.

This list is for any developers interested in any aspects of the Linux
kernel hotplug ability and functionality. This would include (but is
not restricted to) USB, PCMCIA, SCSI, Firewire, and probably PCI

Information on joining the list can be found at:

There is an initial SourceForge site set up at:
but it is only currently holding the mailing list. In the future this
will hold more content. If anyone wants to be listed as a developer on
this project, please let me know.

If anyone knows of any other mailing lists this should be announced on,
please feel free to forward it.


greg k-h

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