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> Um, what about people running their box as just a VLAN router/firewall?
> That seems to be one of the principle uses so far. Actually, in that case
> both VLAN and IP traffic would come through, so it would be a tie if VLAN
> came first, but non-vlan traffic would suffer worse.

Why would someone filter between vlans when any node on each vlan can happily
ignore the vlan partitioning

> So, how can I make sure that it is second in the list?

Register vlan in the top level protocol hash then have that yank the header
and feed the packets through the hash again.

> Actually, VLAN code no longer uses this method to generate it's name,
> it uses it's own mechanism (which, by the way, the hashed name lookup
> makes much faster.) So, this part of the patch can be removed.


> > Question: How do devices with hardware vlan support fit into your model ?
> I don't know of any, and I'm not sure how they would be supported.

Several cards have vlan ability, but Matti reports they just lose the header
not filter on it if I understood him

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