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SubjectRe: Bug reporting script? (was: removal of redundant line in documentation)
Jeremy M. Dolan wrote:

> If ver_linux can take off one of those steps, why not include a script
> which takes care of ALL the leg work? All of the files it asks the
> reporter to include are o+r...
> I can whip up a bug_report script to walk the user though all of the
> steps in REPORTING-BUGS, if the list isn't averse to 'dumbing down'
> the process to the point where maybe some people who shouldn't be
> submiting bugs (two words: 'user error') end up not being scared off
> by the process.

About bug reports, isn't a good thing introduce the sgi's lkcd (linux kernel crash dump) into the main stream of 2.5? The main problem of lkcd in 2.2 was the lack of kiobufs.

I think it as a good thing, for distributions, the distribution guys have the vmlinuz image of the distro, so when a bug happens the user only needs to send the crash dump to the distribution kernel hacker, and he can discuss the bug on lkml.

This introduce a new kind of bug reporter, if the distribution makes avalaible every new development kernel as a package, a user can download and use, crash and report the bug without any knowledge about kernel. So the marketing guys can say: 'help the development of linux without hacking, report bugs'.


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