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Subjectcramfs & ramfs problems in 2.4.0 up to ac3

Using root=/dev/ram0 and a cramfs initrd gives me 'wrong magic' when it
tries to boot. Even more bizarre, if cramfs is compiled in the kernel
when I use a romfs root, it says 'wrong magic' then mounts the romfs but
can't find init. If I take cramfs out of the kernel, the romfs mounts &
init runs fine. I just saw this with ac3.

ramfs croaks with 'kernel BUG in filemap.c line 2559' anytime I make a
file in ac2 and ac3. Works fine in 2.4.0 vanilla. Should be quite

BTW, nice work on 2.4 everyone.

David L. Parsley
Network Administrator
Roanoke College
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