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SubjectRe: [non-kernel patch] Re: bug of Nvidia (0.9.5) Drivers in 2.4 Kernel Enviroment
Jared Sulem wrote:
> Driver should work after applying the following patch. I'm not a kernel
> hacker so I don't know how good a solution this is (especially suspicious
> of the work around in os-interface.c) but X works on my machine and it has
> not crashed (yet) - have not tried any OpenGL though.
> [...]
> struct vm_operations_struct nv_vm_ops = {
> open: nv_vma_open,
> close: nv_vma_release,
> - unmap: nv_vma_unmap,
> + nv_vma_unmap,
No... 1) Bad idea to mix named field initializers with positional Here
you're initializing a nonexistent field 2) The unmap method is gone
from vm_operations_struct because this is now handled generically. Just
remove it.

> };
> #endif

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