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SubjectRe: Framebuffer as a module
-=da TRoXX=- wrote:

> and i don't get it, who accepts these parameters in the kernel then? i mean
> if i put them in lilo.conf at least SOME thing uses them to set the
> framebuffer right...

The tdfxfb code does. When compiled into the kernel, there is a function
(tdfxfb_setup) which the kernel calls with the relevant kernel command-line
parameters. When compiled as a module, this function is ifdef'ed out, as well
it should be, because I don't think that there is a function which is called to
pass the module parameters. Modules use MODULE_PARM to 'import' their
parameters. The code is incomplete, perhaps for a reason. In theory, the
author should add the required MODULE_PARM macros to export the parameters and
then move the code which does anything besides saving the paramter values to
tdfxfb_init, which is called when the module is loaded /and/ after tdfxfb_setup
when compiled into the kernel. I don't have the time to fix it myself, I don't
even have a machine with Linux and a Voodoo3 card.

> I know this parameter is for modules only that support modedb (modedb.c) but
> tdfxfb supports that(that's why it works in the kernel)...

It does, but only when compiled into the kernel due to the way it does its's


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