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SubjectBug reporting script? (was: removal of redundant line in documentation)
On Sat, 06 Jan 2001 06:51:58 +0000, Matthias Juchem wrote:
> Step [7.3] is redundant because it is
> already handled by the ver_linux script

If ver_linux can take off one of those steps, why not include a script
which takes care of ALL the leg work? All of the files it asks the
reporter to include are o+r...

I can whip up a bug_report script to walk the user though all of the
steps in REPORTING-BUGS, if the list isn't averse to 'dumbing down'
the process to the point where maybe some people who shouldn't be
submiting bugs (two words: 'user error') end up not being scared off
by the process.

Is perl allowed for kernel scripts intended for users, or am I stuck
with sh?

Jeremy M. Dolan <>
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