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SubjectRe: Framebuffer as a module
On Fri, 5 Jan 2001 18:52:45 +0100, 
"-=da TRoXX=-" <> wrote:
>I have a very simple question:
>I used to compile-in my framebuffer-device in the kernel
>then i just appended "video=tdfxfb:1024x768-32@70" in lilo.conf and it
>now i compiled it as a module, and want modprobe to start it up for me..
>how can this be done?
>modprobe tdfxfb 1024x768-32@70
>won't work, because there is no '=' sign in it so modprobe doesn't recognize
>it as a parameter, and doesn't pass it.

A quick look at drivers/video/tdfxfb.c shows a complete lack of
MODULE_PARM entries so modprobe/insmod will not let specify any
parameters. Ask the tdfxfb author to add this feature, or code it

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