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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.x patch submission policy
> rather spend the time _really_ beating on the patches that _would_ be a
> big issue. Things like security (_especially_ remote attacks), outright
> crashes, or just totally unusable systems because it can't see the
> harddisk.

In which case the priority should be fixing all the broken LFS support.

> Yes, I know this is boring, and all I'm asking is for people to not make
> it any harder for me than they have to. Think twice before sending me a
> patch, and when you _do_ send me a patch, try to think like a release
> manager and explain to me why the patch really makes sense to apply now.

Think of -ac as a way to get patches you need that everyone else might not
need yet, and a way to filter stuff. Im happy to take sane stuff Linus doesn't
(within reason) and propogate it on as (or more to the point if) it proves sane

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