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Subject2.4.0 TCP SYN problem
Every SPARC/Solaris machine completely ignores every TCP/SYN segment sourced 
from my linux 2.4.0 machine. Is it problem of kernel or missconfiguration? Or
does Solaris something wrong?

I have used the kgcc (egcs-2.91.66) on my Red Hat 7.0 linux box for compiling
the 2.4.0 kernel.

Problem appears also when not starting any firewall or packet scheduler.

SYN segments really reach the Solaris machine. I have used tcpdump on a
router closest to the Solaris machine. But no response is seen. Also netstat
on the Solaris machine doesn't report any SYN segment arrival.

When I initiate connection from Solaris machine everything goes OK.
TCP/SYN,ACK segments are OK.

Can anyone help me?

Marek Gresko
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