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SubjectRe: 2.2.18 and Maxtor 96147H6 (61 GB)

> I had a similar situation except I was more interested in the performance
> difference. Went from ~4MB/s with the 430HX controller to ~12.5MB/s with
> the promise. This on an old Pentium system.

The network is 10 mbit, so 4 MB/sec is no good in this case.
I've got the thing running, with (ibm)setmax. Don't hang the disk in a
machine that does handle > 32 GB, because it will screw the limit the
setmax just set.

> > > I solved the problem by getting a Promise Ultra 100 controller
> > > and putting the drive on that. Works perfectly under Linux
> > > Mandrake 2.2.17-mdk-21 - it shows up as /dev/hde. They are
> > > cheap controllers if you don't get the RAID version.
> >
> > Thanx.. Will try that. New machine costs more.
> >
> Vanilla 2.2 kernels don't have this support (at least not as on 2.2.18).
> If you're not running Mandrake, grab Andre Hedrick's excellent ide patch.

Already installed :)

> One thing you may like to know. If you want the drives attached to the new
> controller to be /dev/hda..., then edit lilo.conf and add
> append="pci=reverse"
> to your patched kernel entry. Oh, and if you ever need to bootstrap one of
> these puppies with a kernel that doesn't have the drivers, you can use
> append="ide0=0xe000,0xd802 ide1=0xd400,0xd002"
> to be able to access the drive attached to the Promise controller using the
> standard ide driver.
> Hope this helps.

Thanx. If I get anymore problems I'll switch to a Promise controller. 2
days to setup a plain Linux box is a bit much..

Main problem I've had is that the software clipping bugs, or that my BIOS
in teh newer machine screws things up.

> Tim



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