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Subject[BUG] random squeaks with cmpci & 2.4.0
While playing mp3's on XMMS, I get squeaks at random intervals.  It
seems to correlate slightly with disk usage, but other than that it
seems random. These squeaks did not occur with 2.4.0-prerelease, and no
changes to the cmpci driver have occurred between -prerelease and
-final. Was there an interface/semantics change somewhere? The only
change I see directly related to sound is in sound_timer.c, and it was
only to add a semicolon to an empty label. Perhaps related to the VM
changes somehow? The system is an AMD-K6/2 with 64MB ram, and running X
4.0.2 is that makes any difference.

Another interesting sidenote is that the squeaks appear as a spike in
XMMS' "Visual Analyzer" (usually a series of bars to the left of the
track information). Could it be that this is a /userspace/ issue?
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