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SubjectRE: How to Power off with ACPI/APM?
> From: Michael D. Crawford []
> > How is each of your setups, ie, what is compiled in kernel
> and what is
> > a module ? My guess is:
> > - ACPI+APM in kernel: ACPI wins
> > - APM in kernel, ACPI module; APM starts, blocks ACPI
> > - and so on....
> Nope. If they're both in the kernel, APM wins.

> Many folks have given me tips on getting power off to work,
> I'll screw around to
> see if I can get it to go. But I guess the fact that ACPI
> exits if APM is
> enabled is a real bug.

Hey, that's not a bug, that's a feature! ;) ACPI and APM cannot both be
active, so we check on init. However, the fact that the help says ACPI
always wins is incorrect, and will be fixed.

Regards -- Andy

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