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SubjectRe: usb + smp + apollo pro 133a + 2.4.0 = still broken
On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 12:50:07PM -0500, Pete Toscano wrote:
> just a heads up that usb in smp-enabled 2.4.0 kernels running on
> machines with the via apollo pro 133a chipset is still broken. the last
> word i heard was that it's a pci irq routing problem. smp and usb will
> play together pretty nicely if you disable apic (ie. "noapic" to lilo).
> i'm more than willing to help test patches and provide any more info to
> people working on this, but i lack the low-level knowledge to actually
> fix it.

I have a Triton II SMP board (two P200 MMX) that has the same
problem. I'm also willing to test still.
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