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SubjectRe: bug of Nvidia (0.9.5) Drivers in 2.4 Kernel Enviroment
At 10:07 PM 5/01/01 +0100, Gregor Essers wrote:
> From the pre9 relaese to the final of the 2.4 Kernel i become this Errors,
>can someone help me or have someone an idea what this mean ??.
>I will build this with the src.rpm from Nvidia with the spec file
>In file included from nv.c:52:
>nv.h:131: warning: #warning This driver is not officially supported on
>nv.c: In function `nv_lock_pages':
>nv.c:556: warning: implicit declaration of function `mem_map_inc_count'
>nv.c: In function `nv_unlock_pages':
>nv.c:583: warning: implicit declaration of function `mem_map_dec_count'
>nv.c: At top level:
>nv.c:853: unknown field `unmap' specified in initializer
>nv.c:853: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
>make: *** [nv.o] Fehler 1
>Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.37085 (%build)

You need to patch the Nvidia kernel driver to handle changes made in the
2.4 tree. You can either:

1> Get on irc (Server:, Channel #nvidia) and request
the patch from there. (You need to be able to do DCC transfers for this to
work). There is patches for 2.4.0-test1[0-3] and for
2.4.0-[prerelease/final], so get what you need that way. The bot to request
from is usually iCE-DCC, and you can request a list using '/msg iCE-DCC
xdcc list' and request a file using eg: '/msg iCE-DCC xdcc send #10' (if
you wanted file 10 that is).

2> Alternatively, if you e-mail me, I could probably forward you the patch
or, if people don't mind too much, I could post it to the list (I'll wait
for comments on this first!).

The patch is about 1k for test10, and about 3k for prerelease/final.
Remember, this patches Nvidia's driver shim source code, and not the
kernel. You could unpack the .src.rpm and add the patch to the compile
process if you were really game, but I did it from the .tar.gz and it works
fine for me. YMMV of course.

BTW: Common problem is that people complain that the make still gets
includes wrong. Make sure you compile the kernel and it's modules
completely. I compiled the kernel and modules, rebooted into the new
kernel, and then compiled the Nvidia driver. The last step of Nvidia's make
process (for the .tar.gz) is to actually insmod the driver to make sure it
worked, which will probably fail on any other version of the kernel.

Of note: Nvidia have a new driver in the works, that should be much nicer
re: kernel interface.

-=[ Stuart Young (Aka Cefiar) ]=-------------------------------
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