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SubjectRe: USB broken in 2.4.0
On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 12:38:25PM -0500, Heitzso wrote:
> I just tested with fresh-out-of-the-box
> 2.4.0 and using the newer libusb 0.1.2
> as suggested by antirez (see email chain
> below for more info). I compiled libusb
> and s10sh code this AM under 2.4.0.
> It blows up BAD by finding increasingly
> larger photo images in the camera over
> the usb link and extracting them to disk.
> So by the third file you're trying to
> extract gig sized files. Obviously the
> filesystem files up, the sytem chokes, etc.
> This is the same code that works fine
> under 2.2.18 kernel (I use it all of the
> time there).

I made the same request to Jordan Mendelson yesterday, who has the same
problem. Could you be so kind as to try to narrow down which kernel
version this broke on? I have reports that it used to work on -test9
but doesn't now. Could you try -test10, etc and let me know?


greg k-h

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