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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VESA framebuffer w/ MTRR locks 2.4.0 on init
> 1)  The amount of video memory is being incorrectly reported my the VESA call
> used in arch/i386/video.S (INT 10h AX=4f00h). My Dell Inspiron 3200 (NeoMagic
> video) returns that it has 31 64k blocks of video memory, instead of the
> correct 32. This means that vesafb thinks that I've got 1984k of video ram,

You have 31. The last one is used for audio buffering

> 2) When the vesafb goes to mtrr_add its range (with the incorrect 1984k size)
> mtrr_add fails with -EINVAL. The code in vesafb_init then goes into a while
> loop with no exit, as each size mtrr fails.
> while (mtrr_add(video_base, temp_size, MTRR_TYPE_WRCOMB,
> 1)==-EINVAL) {
> temp_size >>= 1;
> }

Ok that one is the bug.

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