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SubjectRe: ACPI in Via Apollo (vt82C686) broken badly in 2.4.x ?
"Grover, Andrew" wrote:

> > From: safemode []
> > Well, it seems the only way to look at sensor readings with
> > lmsensors is
> > to activate acpi in linux for my motherboard.
> Can you please send me the output from dmesg, as well as /proc/interrupts? I
> don't think anyone's tried lmsensors and acpi. It may be that they will need
> some work to coexist..
> > According to
> > the docs, my
> > motherboard is supposed to be supported and is detected when linux
> > boots, the problem comes when i try to move the mouse (in console and
> > X). It totally flips out, i get irregular mouse movement across the
> > screen and button clicks when i just barely touched it. It
> > is directly
> > related to enabling acpi so i was wondering if anyone else
> > has had this
> > problem and if there was/is a fix for it or if it's a bug right now.
> > If there is specific debugging info that i can get to help, tell me
> > where... dmesg just shows successful messages.
> Never seen that before.. does /proc/interrupts indicate mouse driver and
> acpi are sharing one?
> Regards -- Andy (ACPI maintainer)

The problem wasn't actually with lmsensors together with ACPI yet... Just
enabling ACPI with this board causes the mouse to go insane. i will however
recompile the stock 2.4.0 kernel that recently came out to test it again. I'll
give you output from dmesg and /proc/interrupts before lmsensors is loaded and
after (after a new recompile of the drivers too). I can tell you know though,
the acpi bus? is running on int 5 according to the bios. ... Should have the
output ready within the hour.

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