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SubjectRe: Network oddity....
On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Rogier Wolff wrote:

>Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 01:08:49 +0100 (MET)
>From: Rogier Wolff <>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
>Subject: Network oddity....
>Hi all,
>I have a server, and it reports ("netstat -a")
>tcp 0 0 server:ssh client:1022 SYN_RECV
>This sounds normal right?
>However there are 79 of these lines in the netstat output. Not normal!
>A TCP connection is identified by the 12 bytes source IP, dest IP,
>source port, dest port. Right? Then as far as I can see, these should
>all refer to the SAME socket. (yes, they all refer to server:ssh, and
>client: 1022!)
>Oh, this situation seems to continue: it sends a syn-ack and then the
>client replies with a reset. This goes on and on. I'm going to make
>the client disappear, and hope that this makes the number of these
>connections go away.
>Kernel is 2.2.13. That was "fresh" when the system was booted. Yes,
>that's over 14 months ago.

Someone synflooding you perhaps?

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