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SubjectUpdate of quota patches

So I've updated my quota patches for 2.4.0-prerelease. I also
fixed one locking bug in implementation of new quotafile format
and added a few comments. I also fixed compilation problems
(when quota was disabled) - Alan, were there any problems
I didn't fix (I've seen you and someone else were fixing some
compilation problems with my patches in -ac but I've seen
no mail about it (maybe I just missed it))?

The patches can be downloaded from:

as quota-fix-2.4.0-pre-1.diff and quota-patch-2.4.0-pre-1.diff.

Contents of patches:

quota-fix: This patch mainly fixes bugs in current quota code:
* races between preallocation and chgrp/chown fixed
* cleaned up locking
* quotas are dynamically allocated (so there are no more 'No free dquots' messages)

quota-patch: This patch implements new quotafile format. It allows:
* accounting of quota in bytes
* 32-bit UIDs/GIDs
* root is no longer special user

Note that you will need new quota utilities for new quotafile format (you can
download them at

Also note that quota-patch requires quota-fix to be already applied.

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