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Subjectgeneric_file_write code segment in 2.2.18
hi everyone,
I was trying to understand following piece of code in
'generic_file_read' (mm/filemap.c) for 2.2.18 kernel. The code
is as follows:

dest = (char *) page_address(page) + offset;
if (dest != buf) { /* See comment in
update_vm_cache_cond. */
bytes -= copy_from_user(dest, buf, bytes);
status = -EFAULT;
if (bytes)
status = inode->i_op->updatepage(file, page,
offset, bytes, sync);

/* Mark it unlocked again and drop the page.. */
clear_bit(PG_locked, &page->flags);

if (status < 0)

written += status;
count -= status;
pos += status;
buf += status;
copy_from_user returns the number of bytes copied from userspace
to 'dest'. In case it succeeds, 'bytes' will be set to 0 after the
call. However, 'status' is set to -EFAULT. So wouldn't it break
out of the while loop (prematurely)?

Please post/CC your comments to me if this is not of general interest
to the list and is too silly to be answered there.

Asang Dani

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