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SubjectRe: Journaling: Surviving or allowing unclean shutdown?
On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Mo McKinlay wrote:

> > The off button need not and _does not_ remove power instantly (if at
> > all) on many appliances.
> Indeed - but unplugging your VCR from the wall won't harm it. Everyone
> knows the power button on a TV/VCR/etc doesn't actually kill the power,
> just reduce consumption (i.e., standby mode). But unplugging it at the
> wall doesn't have any detrimental effects - doing that to a PC will.

if you change that statement to "usually won't harm it" I agree with you
(I have had a VCR eat a tape when this was done)

David Lang

> Being able to change what the power button does is cool, but it does mask
> the real issue - what happens when you pull the plug, and how do you make
> it so that it's acceptable?
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> Mo McKinlay
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