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Subjectbig memory maping problim
i have kernel 2.2.18

i need a dma buffer (dose not have to be linear)

so i used vmalloc to get the space then i need to make it
non_cache so i found cr3 the got the page entry and got the phys page
also setting bit 4 of the page entry to disable caching and then
reloading cr3
when i had done all the pages to reset the tlb's this worked fine but
now i need to shear the mem with a user program so in my driver mmap

i got vm->start and current ->tss->cr3
this give me to page entree witch i then set to the phys addr of the
above pages
this seam's to work fine

is their any thing else i need to do ?

remap_pages_range did not work on this mem but dose work on other
address spaces ?

Thank You

David Rundle <>

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