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SubjectRe: Dell Precision 330 (Pentium 4, i850 chipset, 3c905c)
> Anybody get this working with 2.2.18 or 2.4.0-prerelease?
> I can't seem to get the on-board 3c905c to work.

Everything except the NIC works?

> I've seen it without an interrupt assignment in
> /proc/interrupts. With Red Hat's pump (DHCP), it sends
> packets out but doesn't seem to see the response.

What do you mean with "without an interrupt assignment"?
Is there no line for ethx in /proc/interrupt, or the number of
interrupts remains 0?

what does `lspic -vxx` say about the interrupt number?

Is there a BIOS setting similar to "Pnp aware OS"? For the 2.2 kernel
that must be "No", 2.2 might run with "Yes", but I'm not sure if the
850i board is supported.

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