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SubjectNetwork oddity....

Hi all,

I have a server, and it reports ("netstat -a")

tcp 0 0 server:ssh client:1022 SYN_RECV

This sounds normal right?

However there are 79 of these lines in the netstat output. Not normal!

A TCP connection is identified by the 12 bytes source IP, dest IP,
source port, dest port. Right? Then as far as I can see, these should
all refer to the SAME socket. (yes, they all refer to server:ssh, and
client: 1022!)

Oh, this situation seems to continue: it sends a syn-ack and then the
client replies with a reset. This goes on and on. I'm going to make
the client disappear, and hope that this makes the number of these
connections go away.

Kernel is 2.2.13. That was "fresh" when the system was booted. Yes,
that's over 14 months ago.


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