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SubjectAbort x86 assemble code
Hello all

I have following code ,and I can not understand the mark line,who can tell me.thanks.
00000eb8 movb (%ebx),%al <<IMPORTANT 1-4>>
00000eba incl %ebx
00000ebb movl %edi,%ecx
00000ebd shrl $0x8,%ecx
00000ec0 movl %edi,%edx
00000ec2 xorb %dl,%al
00000ec4 movzbl %al,%eax
00000ec7 xorl 0x400dec(,%eax,4),%ecx ????<-----------------What it to do.
00000ece movl %ecx,%edi
00000ed0 movl %esi,%eax <-- jmp here
00000ed2 decl %esi
00000ed3 orl %eax,%eax
00000ed5 jne 00000eb8
00000ed7 movl %edi,0x406894 <- 1-4 see here
00000edd popl %esi
00000ede popl %edi
00000edf popl %ebx

thanks .

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