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SubjectRe: Journaling: Surviving or allowing unclean shutdown?
On  4 Jan, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> Well they do! It's just not allowed for us (the users) to know that
> they
> __didn't__ run completely out of power! If the thing is so dead
> that it won't recharge, it still has 'power' (enough to keep static
> RAM alive). Just remove the battery, wait about 120 seconds for a
> capacitor to discharge, and, zap, no more stored phone numbers.
> Static RAM with an electrolytic capacitor, isolated with a diode,
> takes so little power that you can normally change defective batteries
> if you don't take too long.

I've several Nokias and Siemens phones here. All of them will survive
for weeks without any battery connected; and not only the phone numbers
on the SIM card. I guess they all have FlashRAM, although I haven't
disassembled one recently.



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