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SubjectRe: So, what about kwhich on RH6.2?

On 2001.01.04 Alan Cox wrote:
> > On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 07:13:58PM +1100, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > > Silly question:
> > >
> > > can't we just hardwire `kgcc' into the build system and be done
> > > with all this kwhich stuff? It's just a symlink....
> >
> > And break compilation on all non RedHat 7, non connectiva systems ?
> > Would you volunteer to handle the support load on l-k that would cause?
> Hardcoding kgcc is definitely not an option.

In Mdk 7.2+ there is something called 'alternatives' that seems to be
inherited-copied from Debian. I read aboce that RH and Conectiva have it.
It allows
you to have some gcc-2.95, gcc-2.96, and select a default gcc that
points to the one desired. It has defaults and priorities.
Same thing could be done with 'kgcc': kernel needs something called
kgcc, its up to you to set it up.

In my case (mdk), kgcc is a binary from egcs-1.1.2. If I want to try
building a kernel with gcc-2.96, I should uninstall egcs to let
kernel miss kgcc and find gcc, or tweak kernel Makefiles.

(OT: I still dont understand why egcs is still named egcs instead
of gcc-2.91)

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