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SubjectRe: *massive* slowdowns on 2.4.1-pre1[1|2]
On 29 Jan 2001, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> You have to realize that stability takes precedence over EVERYTHING.
> Linus

At least with Linux, if something is *slow*, it generally works *perfect*
or damn near close to it. I'll take that; over Microsoft's being slow AND
buggy AND just fucks me up.

I've lost soo much data on my disks - but ONLY on my MS partitions and
running an MS operating system. Granted, I don't use Linux to access
ANYTHING that is FAT based (unless I use mtools).

I'm running with a VIA board, and I'll be happy to have something slow and
reliable, than really fast and really able to fuck my data up. ;p

- Mike

Michael B. Trausch
Avid Linux User since April, '96! AIM: ML100Smkr

Contactable via IRC (DALNet) or AIM as ML100Smkr

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