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SubjectRe: SHM Not working in 2.4.0-prerelease
Shawn Starr <> writes:

> [spstarr@coredump /etc]$ free
> total used free shared buffers
> cached
> Mem: 62496 61264 1232 0 1248
> 28848
> There's no shared memory being used?


> the shmfs is mounted. Is there any configuration i need to get shm
> memory activiated?

The 'shared' field in /proc/meminfo (source for 'top' and 'free') has
nothing to do with {SysV,POSIX} shared memory. The 'shared' field
referred to memory that was used by more than one process (shared
libraries, shared text segments etc). As I understand it, under 2.4
the 'shared' field is very expensive to calculate, so we don't--the
zero value is there to avoid breaking programs that parse

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