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SubjectRe: Fw: UDMA on 815e chipset
Mike / Mark,

Thank-you very much for your replies.

With regard to Mike, (a) I am using a PIII 800, so I really should be seeing better results than your Celeron. It seems, therefore, that my setup may be defective in more fundamental ways than I had imagined. (b) I do appreciate that I may not see any real benefit from Ultra/66 at this stage - I was just keen to experiment and see that the hardware was working.

In reply to Mark : (a) my HDD was certainly sold as UDMA 5 capable, and hdparm reports that it is. (b) I do not think you meant to suggest that I would solve the problem by deleting the -c and -m switches, but I deleted them anyway and the problem remains. (c) I wish I knew why the hell SuSE would include an obsolete kernel in their relatively new, flagship, v7 "Professional". So far as I can see, kernel 2.4 is not even an option on their ftp site. I use this machine for my business and cannot afford a major crash precipitated by a piece of inept kernel-tinkering on my part.

I do have a spare machine (bx board though),and I suppose that the way ahead is to play around installing the current kernel on that until I have the confidence to put it in this box.

One final thought. When I installed the OS I was offered the option to "use DMA", which I accepted. I see this set at an early stage in the boot-process (long before my boot.local executes). Is there any way this could be obstructing the subsequent instruction to use UDMA ?

Thanks again,


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