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    SubjectRe: Prerelease kernel will not hotplug a USB host-controller when it isinserted into a Cardbus slot.
    > I am writing to let you know that in all test12-pre6+ kernels,
    > I get a "Bad PCI invocation" error when hotplug attempts to
    > handle the insertion of a USB host-controller into a Cardbus
    > slot.

    That's new info ... you'd previously thought that it wasn't even
    invoking /sbin/hotplug!

    The scripts I know about will produce that message when they're
    invoked without PCI_CLASS set. That's a sanity check which was
    needed for the intial PCI hotplug support, which wouldn't pass
    that info -- needed to hotplug devices using class drivers, such
    as USB host controllers.

    But they'll also dump all the arguments and environment of
    hotplug before they get that far, if you set DEBUG=yes; please
    enable that and let us know the whole environment that's getting
    passed !

    - Dave

    p.s. Re that patch Andrew mentioned, it shouldn't have made
    a difference unless "PCI_CLASS=%04X" truncated the top
    eight bits of the class (it's 24 bits, not 16: 8 bits
    each of class, subclass, prog-if.) That would have had a
    different failure mode: only class 0 devices (pci.ids
    says is "unclassified" devices) would PCI hotplug.

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