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SubjectRe: strange swap behaviour - test11pre4
Craig Schlenter <> writes:

> [snip, vmstat stuff, me]
> > There is a perl program running (80 Meg's in size, 20 Megs
> > resident) that is chatting to a database and building up a large
> > hash in memory. The machine has 64M of RAM. The bit that doesn't
> > make sense is why the cache is so large - the VM seems to have got
> > stuck paging in stuff from swap repeatedly (bits of the perl
> > program it would seem). Surely it should shrink the cache to
> > provide more breathing room or am I being an idiot about this?
> $idiot++;

You probably got fooled by the new vm: All shm pages are now in the
page cache and thus appear as 'cached'. But they cannot be shrinked

So I would vote for $idiot--; ;-)


P.S: I expect this to become an FAQ

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