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SubjectRe: kernel freeze on 2.4.0.prerelease (smp,raid5)
On Tuesday January 2, wrote:
> Perhaps a deadlock with a normal (not irq) spinlock.
> Could you enable SysRQ and press <Alt>+<SysRq>+<P> ("showPc")
> Then write down the EIP values (including the [< >] brackets) and
> translate them with ksymoops.
> Ksymoops repeats only the EIP values.
> But searching through the file has only Labels from
> the raid5 staff around.
> As stated in my first mail I run actually my raid5 devices in degrated mode
> and as I remenber there has been some raid5 stuff changed between
> test13p3 and newer kernels.

So tell us, why do you run your raid5 devices in degraded mode?? I
cannot be good for performance, and certainly isn't good for
redundancy!!! But I'm not complaining as you found a bug...

> Hope this gives someone an idea?

Yep. This, combined with a related bug report from
strongly suggests the following patch.
Writes to the failed drive are never completing, so you eventually
run out of stripes in the stripe cache and you block waiting for a
stripe to become free.

Please test this and confirm that it works.


--- ./drivers/md/raid5.c 2001/01/03 09:04:05 1.1
+++ ./drivers/md/raid5.c 2001/01/03 09:04:13
@@ -1096,8 +1096,10 @@
bh->b_rdev = bh->b_dev;
bh->b_rsector = bh->b_blocknr * (bh->b_size>>9);
generic_make_request(action[i]-1, bh);
- } else
+ } else {
PRINTK("skip op %d on disc %d for sector %ld\n", action[i]-1, i, sh->sector);
+ clear_bit(BH_Lock, &bh->b_state);
+ }

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