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SubjectRe: Prerelease kernel will not hotplug a USB host-controller when it isinserted into a Cardbus slot.
David Brownell wrote:

>> I am writing to let you know that in all test12-pre6+ kernels,
>> I get a "Bad PCI invocation" error when hotplug attempts to
>> handle the insertion of a USB host-controller into a Cardbus
>> slot.
> That's new info ... you'd previously thought that it wasn't even
> invoking /sbin/hotplug!

I fscked up that test. The results I reported as being with
prerelease were actually with a messed up test11. The whole
"Bad PCI invocation" error was a red herring, sorry.

I have since gone in a tested test12-pre5, test12-pre6 and
test12-pre8. test12-pre5 works. test12-pre6 fails utterly.
It looks like Cardbus was just completely hosed in that
tree, because I can't get my network card (3c575) to be recognized
by that kernel, either. I checked the patches and Andrew's
"04X" change went into test12-pre8. I just tested test12-pre8
with both your latest hotplug script, David, and with the
pertinent "0x" locations changed to "04x". Both scripts fail
to load usb-ohci.

Bottom line, I have yet to see a test12-pre6+ kernel load usb-ohci
whether or not I use "04x" in the hotplug script. Something else
is messed up here.

> The scripts I know about will produce that message when they're
> invoked without PCI_CLASS set. That's a sanity check which was
> needed for the intial PCI hotplug support, which wouldn't pass
> that info -- needed to hotplug devices using class drivers, such
> as USB host controllers.
> But they'll also dump all the arguments and environment of
> hotplug before they get that far, if you set DEBUG=yes; please
> enable that and let us know the whole environment that's getting
> passed !

For the Cardbus hotplug event, is it expected that the hotplug
debug info would be dumped after the insert event is processed
and the required driver is loaded?

With test12-pre5, I get this when I insert the BusPort Mobile:

Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: cs: cb_alloc(bus 5): vendor 0x1045, device
0xc861 Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: got res[11000000:11000fff] for
resource 0 of PCI device 1045:c861
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: PCI: Enabling device 05:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 05:00.0
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: PCI: The same IRQ used for device 00:04.0
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: PCI: Setting latency timer of device
05:00.0 to 64
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: usb-ohci.c: USB OHCI at membase
0xc5850000, IRQ 11
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: usb-ohci.c: usb-05:00.0, PCI device 1045:c861
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: usb.c: new USB bus registered, assigned
bus number 1
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: Product: USB OHCI Root Hub
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: SerialNumber: c5850000
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: hub.c: USB hub found
Jan 3 15:00:15 agate kernel: hub.c: 2 ports detected
Jan 3 15:00:16 agate /sbin/hotplug: arguments (usb) env (TYPE=9/0/0
ACTION=add DEVFS=/proc/bus/usb TERM=dumb DEVICE=/proc/bus/usb/001/001
HOSTTYPE=i386 PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin HOME=/ SHELL=/bin/bash
DEBUG=kernel OSTYPE=Linux PRODUCT=0/0/0 SHLVL=1 _=/usr/bin/env)

Thanks and sorry for the inaccurate info last night.


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