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SubjectRe: usb dc2xx quirk
> > The proximate cause of that Oops looked to be in one of the
> > UHCI drivers, but of course it's also possible that it was
> > triggered by driver misbehavior.
> You didn't look hard enough. 8;)

I suspected you had ... :-)

> hub_thread got a disconnect event, called usb_disconnect,
> which tried to call driver->disconnect, which wasn't there
> due to using __devexit without CONFIG_HOTPLUG defined.

Ah, and <linux/init.h> moved the __devexit code into the
"__exit" segment, which got removed because clearly such
devices could never get removed (no hotplugging).

> > Have we identified anything that actually does anything with
> > code labeled __dev{in,ex}it (or data), beyond putting it into
> > a different section? If so, what's it doing?
> That's a great question. I'd like to know the answer also.

(Calling it and oopsing ... sorry, wrong answer! :-)

> Then we can see what the correct fixes should be.
> This patch could just be a short-lived 2.4.0-prerel
> fix-the-oops patch.

Put it into 2.4.0-next, sure.

I suspect the simplest thing is to say that no USB devices
should use those __dev{in,ex}it #defines ... we'd suspected
they were harmless; evidently not.

- Dave

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