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SubjectRe: Prerelease kernel will not hotplug a USB host-controller when itisinserted into a Cardbus slot.
Hi Miles,

> The whole
> "Bad PCI invocation" error was a red herring, sorry.

Not an endangered species ... even if Tux does like to
snack on them! :-)

> I have since gone in a tested test12-pre5, test12-pre6 and
> test12-pre8. test12-pre5 works. test12-pre6 fails utterly.

That's for "Cardbus hotplug". I've had USB hotplugging fine,
with the iffy bits being when it combines with the network
hotplugging ... those async changes seem to have created some
deadlocking paths (while removing some others).

> It looks like Cardbus was just completely hosed in that
> tree, because I can't get my network card (3c575) to be recognized
> by that kernel, either. I checked the patches and Andrew's
> "04X" change went into test12-pre8. I just tested test12-pre8
> with both your latest hotplug script, David, and with the
> pertinent "0x" locations changed to "04x". Both scripts fail
> to load usb-ohci.

The root cause seems to be the Cardbus/PCI hotplug invocation not
happening for you.

Was this with or without the "pcmcia_cs" package installed? My
own take on it is that 2.4 _should_ hotplug that controller
just fine if "pcmcia_cs" isn't installed. Otherwise, I'd be
pleasantly surprised to know it works properly.

> For the Cardbus hotplug event, is it expected that the hotplug
> debug info would be dumped after the insert event is processed
> and the required driver is loaded?

No -- you were seeing the USB hotplug event, not the cardbus one.

Plugging a cardbus OHCI into your machine should cause two hotplug
events ... first for PCI, eventually modprobing "usb-ohci", and
then as that module initializes you'll get a second one for USB,
reporting a new (root) hub.

So you should see an invocation "arguments (pci) env (...)"
followed by "arguments (usb) env (...)"; but you reported the
second one.

- Dave

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