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SubjectRe: More on the VIA KT133 chipset misbehaving in Linux
safemode wrote:
> Adrian Cox wrote:
> > Dylan Griffiths wrote:
> > > 1) PS/2 mouse cursor randomly jumps to upper right hand corner of screen and
> > > locks for a bit
> > This happens to me about once a month on a BX chipset PII machine here,
> > and on a KT133 chipset machine I have. I have to hit ctrl-alt-backspace
> > to regain control of the console. I always assumed it was a bug in X,
> > but it never caused me enough trouble to actually make me pursue it.
> turn off gpm.. fixes the mouse problem immediately. as in killall -9 gpm
> before starting X.

I don't even have gpm installed on these machines, precisely for this
reason. Whatever it is, it isn't gpm. But I also believe it isn't Via,
and I'm not convinced that it's the kernel.

- Adrian Cox
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