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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test12: SiS pirq handling..
| > Problem still exists, diffed to last kernel:
| Yes. But everything works for you, no? Including USB?


| The problem is that you have this routing table entry:
| 00:01 slot=00 0:62/1eb8 1:00/0000 2:00/0000 3:00/0000
| which is really for the USB chip (PCI id 00:01.2), and which the PCI code
| _does_ find for the USB chip. So it should set up the routing happily, and
| everything should be ok.

Leave it to me to have goofy hardware.. :)

| Basically, the way your chipset is laid out PCI-wise, they are
| subfunctions of the same device (subfunction 1 is IDE, subfunction 2 is
| USB. Because of this they share an irq routing entry, and if they were to
| NOT clash they should have been given separate "irq pin" numbers in their
| config space. So a _good_ routing entry might have looked like
| 00:01 slot=00 0:fe/4000 1:62/1eb8 2:00/0000 3:00/0000
| where the IDE device has "irqpin=1" and the USB device has "irqpin=2", and
| USB points to link 62, while IDE points to link fe (ie "hardcode to 14").

Does anyone know who to prod at ASUS to maybe update their BIOS with a
proper routing table?
Maybe even adding proper K6-2+/K6-3+ ids in the BIOS (we can dream I
This is a simple packet-pumping routing box so one of those chips would be
overkill anyway.

| Now, will the two people in the world who know the pirq black magic now
| stand up and confirm or deride my interpretation?

It sounds correct to me..

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