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SubjectRe: 2.4 Cpu usuage (display oddities more than anything)
Linda Walsh wrote:

> Some oddities w/kapmd(2.4.0)... If I sit in X and do nothing other than run top or
> "vmstat 5", I get down to as low as 60% idle and 40% in system -- with kapmd getting
> 'charged' for the 40%.
> Then I go and run 'freeamp' and the CPU usage goes to 100% idle, presumably because
> kapmd never gets called because it's never in the idle loop for longer than 333ms.
> It's just weird and unnatural.
> Also forgive my ignorance but is it really possible playing VBR MP3's takes 0 measurable
> CPU? I've run the program for hours and a ps of 'freeamp' show either no measured cpu
> time or maybe 1 second...the kernel runs at at 100% idle for most of the time.
> I thought mp3 decompression was a cpu intensive operation....weird...
> I guess I'm thinking -- maybe time in kapmd should be counted as 'idle'?

freeamp is just that good. I've seen 0% cpu usage with it on 2.4 and 2.2. if you
notice closely, it does use a percentage of cpu but it's so small that over the course of
time that the cpu usage of each process is averaged, it is closer to 0 than 1. It is hands
down the best mp3 player i've seen out.

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