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SubjectRe: sendfile+zerocopy: fairly sexy (nothing to do with ECN)
Thus spake Andrew Morton (
> Conclusions:

> For a NIC which cannot do scatter/gather/checksums, the zerocopy
> patch makes no change in throughput in all case.

> For a NIC which can do scatter/gather/checksums, sendfile()
> efficiency is improved by 40% and send() efficiency is decreased by
> 10%. The increase and decrease caused by the zerocopy patch will in
> fact be significantly larger than these two figures, because the
> measurements here include a constant base load caused by the device
> driver.

What is missing here is a good authoritative web ressource that tells
people which NIC to buy.

I have a tulip NIC because a few years ago that apparently was the NIC
of choice. It has good multicast (which is important to me), but AFAIK
it has neither scatter-gather nor hardware checksumming.

Is there such a web page already?
If not, I volunteer to create amd maintain one.

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