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SubjectRe: PDC20265, disk corruption and NMI watchdog...

Everything but a kernel version :-(

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Petr Vandrovec wrote:

> Short story:
> Hi Andre,
> why on Earth ide_delay_50ms uses jiffies instead of mdelay(50) ?!
> It is invoked with interrupts disabled, causing NMI watchdog detected
> on my system, leading to complete crash of system.
> Long story:
> At home I have Asus A7V motherboard with 1G Athlon, and onboard
> PDC20265 and VIA KT133. Only CDROM is connected to VIA (as I was
> not able to get any ATAPI device with Promise under Linux).
> To primary master of PDC (hde) there is IBM-DTLA-307045, happilly
> running in UDMA5 mode. As secondary slave (hdh) there is removable
> hdd TOSHIBA MK6409MAV - I use this hdd to transport data between
> work, home and grandparents.
> On every weekend I bring debian packages on this hdd home, as downloading
> couple of MBs each weekend is not acceptable for dialup connection.
> But data are never copied OK from one hdd (hdh) to another (hde) -
> - hdh runs in UDMA2, hde in UDMA5. There are always 4 different bytes
> in couple of files - corrupted bytes are always on word boundary, but
> sometime they are on dword, sometime they are not. Data are never
> moved, they are just random bytes... It looks like that
> problem is with removable HDD (source), not with UDMA5 destination.
> So I decided to 'hdparm -d1 -X 65 /dev/hdh' to switch it to UDMA1.
> i was awarded by (4 times):
> hde: dma_intr: bad DMA status
> hde: dma_intr: status = 0x50 { DriveReady SeekComplete }
> and
> hde: DMA disabled
> NMI watchdog detected lockup on CPU0, registers:
> ...
> Dump says that ide_delay_50ms was invoked with interrupts disabled
> in swapper task, through pdc202xx_reset -> do_reset1 -> ide_do_reset ->
> ide_error -> ide_dma_intr -> ide_intr -> handle_IRQ_event -> do_IRQ ->
> (interrupt) -> default_idle -> cpu_idle.
> I have no idea why it compalined on hde, when I hdparm-ed hdh...
> So I rebooted - and after reboot fsck of hde* passed ok, but on
> hdh* it was not able to find debian tree - directory tree was cut to about
> 7 parts which were reconnected to /lost+found. Probably someone took
> deep look at some inodes, as fsck found about 1000 errors - it is too
> much from filesystem which could be modified only due to atime changes...
> So I my questions are:
> Is it ok to use pdc202xx driver at all? It does not complain about UDMA CRC
> errors, but data are (always) corrupted.
> Should I return back to UDMA66 VIA instead of UDMA100 promise?
> Should I rejumper my removable HDD to be master, and not slave?
> Thanks,
> Petr Vandrovec
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Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development

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